Services Offered at a Local Physical Rehabilitation Center

“Fox is a dynamic, high-range, entrepreneurial private practice of licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, cognitive-behavioral therapists, speech pathologists, and movement specialists. We help people regain mobility, regain function, regain balance, regain fitness, regain confidence,” says Greg P. Smith, president and co-founder of Fox Physical Therapy in Indianapolis. “And we help them do so in a way that enforces self-sufficiency and builds real assets that will enhance their quality of life.” Smith continued, “In fact, we believe that rehab should be a community process, one in which we are providing services to people who have nowhere else to go.”

The philosophy of Fox includes utilizing science in a non-invasive, non-harmful manner. One focus is to utilize therapeutic movement to retrain the nervous system. This will help patients regain balance, strength, and flexibility. Patients can also improve their motor function through exercise. In addition, patients improve their psychological well-being.

Smith went on to say, “fox has a vision for how physical rehabilitation can become an essential part of a patient’s recovery from any condition, from traumatic brain injury to diabetes. Physical therapy can offer the same relief from pain as medications do, without the side effects. In addition, physical therapy can help patients prevent injuries and diseases that might develop. We use a multi-pronged approach to wellness for our patients. We focus on total reconditioning through comprehensive care. We focus on prevention of future conditions, and we offer a wide range of services to our patients.”

To date, Fox is one of only six-Indianapolis area physical rehabilitation centers that provide all of the care that is needed. The other five are Caretto Rehabilitation Institute, Fort Wayne rehabilitation center, Holman rehabilitation center, and Midwest rehabilitation center. All of these centers have been certified by the Department of Defense’s Rehabilitation Center of Excellence. In addition, they are fully licensed and follow strict guidelines for all of their patients, which can be seen on their web site. Each of these centers offers many of the same quality of treatment and services that are listed in the standard reference publications such as The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV-TR. Of course, each center differs slightly in treatment options, quality of care, and cost, so it is important that a patient to research the details of his or her particular case.

What makes the Clarksville rehab center different? One of the main differences is that they are one of only twelve centers in the entire country that receive this level of certification. The other centers are not certified, which raises questions about why the center is being promoted as an alternative to other local rehabilitation centers. Another difference is that the majority of those that do go on to find employment in Indianapolis’s medical community have gone to a traditional rehabilitation center. It may surprise some to know that the Clarksville center is actually the first one of its kind to receive national acclaim, as it is certified by ADAA. The center is also unique in that it offers a Level II Physical Therapy program that is focused on providing services to those suffering from neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, or psychiatric conditions, thereby providing an added service to the medical community in Indianapolis.

This extra service extends beyond just Local Physical Rehabilitation in Indianapolis IN, however. Many patients choose to use the Clarksville center as a part of a larger network of centers and hospitals that are designed to help them after their primary care has been taken care of. This helps patients feel like they are not on their own, and that help is just a phone call away. Using a Clarksville rehabilitation center as a part of an integrated network makes more sense than simply having a walk-in program when a patient needs it most, so it is encouraging for new patients and their families to utilize a center that is actually certified by ADAA.